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Carlyle's Global Healthcare Franchise

Carlyle has invested in healthcare for over 25 years. Capital deployment has accelerated over the last ~10 years.

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Carlyle Group Overview

One of the world’s largest and most diversified multi-product global investment firms
             $325bn in assets under management across 498 Investment Vehicles
             Nearly 1,900 employees in 26 offices in Asia, Australia, Europe, Japan, the Middle East, Latin America and North America

Carlyle Healthcare Platform Overview

~$22bn deployed across 83 healthcare deals globally
             $17.0bn in the Americas
             $1.5bn in Europe
             $3.5bn in APAC
40 person team in 6 offices in New York, London, Sydney, Tokyo, Mumbai, and Hong Kong 
33 active portfolio companies 
Multiple investment vehicles (including USBO – CP VIII and Growth, CGP) allowing flexibility around size or structure
            Equity size “sweet spot” from $200 million to $2,500 million
            Ownership and governance ranges from significant minority positions to full control including partnering with management
            Hold period averages 3-7 years

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